A very warm welcome to the world of
Hieronymus Quimp.

I truly hope you shall enjoy your visit and these

`Observations Within a Poetic Form`, concerning the many different facets
 and beauty of a woman.

The Forthcoming books area, deals with other subject matter that you
 may find is more resonant with your personal emotional needs.

Each of the books has `fifty observations`.,

The last five observations having been written, in an older style.

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About the book

Within this world around us, if we carefully listen and observe,
can be found the most wonderfully touching interactions and emotional outpourings.

It has, and continues to be, my greatest pleasure to place some of them into a written form,
that you might find you also have an emotional response to,
either because you have personally experienced it, or because it mirrors somebody you know.

Below are just a few of the observations to be found within this first book.

I`d love to hear what was your favorite !


Hieronymus Quimp

Observationist - Philosopher - Composer


The content for these books has already been written, and is now in the process of being graphically created.


  • London, England, United Kingdom