"Life, can be full of new adventures, or remain the same,
if it remains the same,
look in the mirror, for the one to blame".






A very warm welcome to the world of Hieronymus Quimp!

To date over 500 Personally Experienced Observations, encompassing the
various facets of life have been written!

They have been placed into TEN BOOKS with different titles,
each containing 50 observations
for ease of content choice.

The first book completed is named' THE ART OF WINNING AND LOSING'.
The culmination of exploration into the books subject and how to approach
these 2 important factors in life for maximum survival value in Business,
Sports and Life in general!

There is a choice of Ebook, Flipbook or Paperback.

What you`ll find is Simple Truths that if followed will have life changing results!

The simplicity in some of them might seem 'obvious' and apt to be overlooked!

The question is 'Are you using them in YOUR LIFE?'

Some, you may not have ever looked at in this particular way, and so could
be an approach that leads to 'Winning More' in whatever endeavor you
desire to improve!


The BLOGS will give you faster insight into the purpose of each book,
and how it might help you achieve your personal goals!

These are not `Poems`, but 'Observations of truths Within a Poetic Form'
with which the author is creating a new genre.

Each observation's purpose is different ; one might enlighten, one to remind!

What you receive from each, will be personal to you and dependant on how you use them to better your life!!

I truly hope you shall enjoy your visit, and i feel sure that contained within the Blogs and various books,
as they become available, you shall find something of lasting value!

Hieronymus Quimp

Art of winning and losing 3D





Hieronymus Quimp

Observationist - Philosopher

From a very early age, feeling there was more to the world and the universe than was being currently taught in the schools and universities,
a path was decided upon to search for and uncover the hidden truths that lay at the core of life!

The aim was more spiritual than physical, as it became more and more obvious as time progressed, that the spiritual was where the real underlying truths would be found!

This took an immense amount of spiritual research, that could only be done on an individual basis and not documented in the physical except through the many 'observations' that are to be found in the various books by Hieronymus Quimp!
1) The Art of Winning and Losing (available now)

2) Forgotten Truths -for a forgotten Soul`s journey

3) Into the Future

4)The Beauty of Wordplay - the return of rhyme
and others......

An introduction to these can be found in the blogs within this site, should you desire to explore them!

A lifetime of searching and discovery of these basic underlying truths are becoming available now, as each book is created!

The search will continue as more research is undertaken and deeper understandings emerge, these shall be the content for later books!

I hope this explains 'a little bit' about Hieronymus Quimp, and that you find interest in his discoveries that may help you and those you care for in your life!
With love
Hieronymus Quimp



  • London, England, United Kingdom