28 Mar

Foreword by Hieronymus Quimp (Observationist/Philosopher) 

The Eternal Questions !

Why can`t we predict the future ?

What does the future hold for us all ?

Will it be good or bad ?

Choose any time in history, and you`ll find these questions and similar others !

From King to Slave, from Rich to Poor !


Because he feels he cannot predict it  ?

Maybe he`s looking at prediction the wrong way !


Can you look forward 5 minutes, having decided to make a cup of tea ?

and feel no worry, about it not happening ?

Yes, of course you say ! Well what did you just do ?

You looked into the future 5 minutes and didn`t worry !

This can be extended to a day ! Can you decide you`ll come home after work

and eat a meal without worrying about it not happening ?

Again, yes ! again you looked into the future, and didn`t worry it wouldn`t happen !

Hmm, this is very interesting, so futures can be predicted, it seems !

So how far can you predict without getting worried ?

Have you ever asked yourself ?

Actually, confidence comes into this, and how much positivity you have in your ability to

overcome obstacles in life !

If you have a positive attitude, the further into the future, you will be able to predict without worry !

So this would lead to the conclusion that a 'positive attitude' is something we should

be working on to achieve, thereby extending prediction !

Why do some people have wonderfully successful lives ? They decide to, 

with a very strong intention, that allows them to predict that they will overcome life`s obstacles

far into the future ! 


When we say prediction, we should mean OUR ability to control what comes, not LIFE`S

ability to throw up obstacles ! Think about that for a moment !

So PREDICTION is about US PERSONALLY, not about the exterior world !

Prediction has been looked at the wrong way, almost for forever !

The following Observations have been written, using the above as a starting point.

These are ‘Observations in a Poetic form’ (they rhyme)

This is a new genre, the author is creating. 


Read this Blog and these observations each day, and decide to create a beautiful future !

Practice extending your ability to predict into the future, and one day something wonderful 

will have changed in your thinking !

They are truths that will create change, if you desire them to !

You can be one of the leaders of tommorow, but only if you decide !

I truly hope you find something of lasting value, within these observations !



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Hieronymus Quimp OBSERVATIONS  

Great Men and Women, have always lived in the here and now, but mostly in the future mentally,
that`s how amazing things have, and will continue to be created, foresight leading to changed reality !

The remainder of humanity, just enjoy what they past created, to us, it`s just, `the way things are !`

But it`s always worth remembering, that what we have, is only here, and in schools being taught,
because a great Man or Woman suddenly had a thought !



There could have been, a lot more good magic in the world,
and deep down, all Souls innately knew it !
But let us put the past behind us now, and happily realise, here is where your
true talents sit !

Let us not waste time, in accessing,the magical side of you again!
Because a long long time ago, that was your most joyous joy !

You`ve more power than you know,
more desire to create wonderful things,
than you`d care to admit !


What if man lived, for a thousand years, do you think he`d still, worry about time ?
The first two hundred, we`d be a child, the next, a teenager we`d be !
We`d have lived to be five hundred, before we`d even be concerned, 
the last five hundred, might
end unhappily !
Sadly that`s not yet the case, but if you think about it, for now, seventy or eighty`s not too bad,
compared to the Dogs and Cats !
They don`t seem to worry, regardless of limited time, so why should we ?
They always find time to relax !


Wouldn`t it be interesting, to go into the past, and tell people what awaited them, in the future !
Of course, the idea of flying in the sky, and light that arrived at the flick of a switch !
might be laughed at, except by a very rare few, who realised anything is possible,
where a soul is concerned, for they quietly knew !

Yet undreamed of dreams, seeming impossible in
the present, were always future possible to do !


Many, different future realities, are awaiting us, dependant upon, the decisions we make !
Each decision, will lead to a specific future reality !

Some better than others, some really good,
if a really good, decisional road we take !


Man`s basic franticness, has always been about time, the idea that he never has enough of it, 
has to save it, not waste it, for the end would always come too soon, due to his limited body design !

This feeling remains so deeply buried, of course he`s heard it all before, it doesn`t matter what you declare, he knows each life, it is still prematurely taken away, time stopping for him once more !

Only beginning again, when into a new life, he does awaken, many still take this age old view, these seem to have less franticness, as return to live again, does their faith in time renew !

Franticness, for most though, gradually throughout a lifetime, returns, finally settling to stay !
Did you ever ask yourself, why children seem to have forever time, while adults time, runs speedily away ?

The feeling, that the end is hurtling ever near, creates franticness, which erases the idea one
has time to life explore, but what can one do ? when time cannot be stopped, for soon yet
again, one will be no more !

Make lots of space for yourself, which dramatically slows down time, remember to, enjoy the moment,
take in each day, a fresh view !

And realise, time was only ever, newly made or reclaimed,
by everlasting you !


I wonder, if we looked into the future, would we like what we might see ?
We undoubtedly, said this, two thousand years ago, while chatting about life, and its changes !

The same questions, are asked today, about future tomorrows, and so, will forever be !

The only things, that will never change !
Are the Souls, that are You and Me !


I hope, in the future, we can ask !
`Why did societies, have so many rules ? were we so unruly, or absolute fools ?
For here, we see Universal Truths, are always simple, back then, creating more and more
complication, it seems we did forget !

Isn`t it wonderful, we remembered again ! `Simpler, always equals, less upset !`


History, was all about choices and decisions, who made which, and why, resulting in,
who would live, and who might die !
Who decided to stay friends, or fight, who was more wrong than right,
who was more darkness than light !

In the future of course, looking back, there`ll be another firing line !
So let`s try to be good ! then we won`t be in it,
 in a hundred years’ time !


EARLIER BUILT (Observation in an Older Style)

How shall the future, we unlock ? of course, by creating in the now !
Mind future formed, travelling forward we must, but remembering, decisions made now,
the future, to us, do always faithfully entrust.

For when one, looks from afar, this life, this One, appears to take no responsibility, for the later many others, so time upon time, we`d find ourselves, in past`s mistakes, devoured, broken, undone !

So think not, only of the shorter now, but also of the far longer future, take reins well,
extend sight !

Maybe then, future observations of past decisions made, will not be smeared with wretched guilt !

And in that far future, when we look at our children playing, it won`t be amongst ruins,
past irresponsibility, will Not be Soul`s Greatest Regret, and wished undone,
what we`d earlier built !


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