27 Mar

Foreword by Hieronymus Quimp (Observationist/Philosopher) 

The Eternal Questions !

What is inspiration ?

Where does inspiration come from, and how can i receive it ?

Ask any artist in history about inspiration, and you`ll get a long shuddering sigh !

But this sigh will be twofold, the sigh of Oh No, all those months of 'nothing', 

thinking i would never ever create anything of worth again, the emptiness, the upset, the self doubt !

And the sigh of Ah Yes, i remember the beautiful inspiration

that flooded me, before, and as, i painted that famous picture or wrote that

classic melody, the exultation, the oneness with life, that simplicity with which i created with such wonderful ease !!!


It seems to come when it comes, it cannot be forced, threatened or purchased !

This is something every artist would love to 'know'.


Is it Physical, Mental or Spiritual in nature ? Would be the first question !


What we are creating about may be physical, like Nature, or Man and Woman or

anything else in this physical universe, but is INSPIRATION itself physical ?

Probably not, as you can`t buy it or make it, as you might a physical object !

Although it manifestation is always physical via sound, sight or touch !


What do we mean by mental ?

Is it creatable by 'thinking it' into existance, or analysing it into being there ? 

Ask any artist how he got on by thinking inspiration into his life, and you`ll probably get the answer that the inspiration was good but not great ! He`ll tell you that the 'really great inspiration' came when he was NOT thinking, it just APPEARED !


Well it seems that by a process of elimination, we might have the answer !

So how do we use this knowledge to 'LEARN HOW TO TURN ON INSPIRATION', the title of this article ?

The following Observations have been written, using the above as a starting point.

They have been written concerning the subject of Poetry, BUT they will apply to ANY ARTFORM !

As you read them, see how the message applies to YOUR artform !

These are ‘Observations in a Poetic form’ (they rhyme)

This is a new genre, the author is creating. 


Read this Blog and these observations each day, and put into action what you read !

And one day something wonderful will have changed concerning inspiration !

They are truths that will create change, if you desire them to !

I hope that 'you and inspiration' meet often and have a wonderful journey of creativity together,

that you can then share with others !

I truly hope you find something of lasting value, within these observations !



These 14 and another 36 Observations, can be found within the book,

'THE BEAUTY OF WORDPLAY- the return of rhyme '- (Hieronymus Quimp Book shop)

Other Hieronymus Quimp books, take up different subjects, amounting to over 500 Observations, covering all facets of life, should you desire to explore them !


Hieronymus Quimp OBSERVATIONS  

Don`t get, so much into, the technical side ! that you forget !
Poetry`s a Spirit’s imagination ride !



I just had a visit, from a great idea ! then it went poof ! suddenly it was gone !
I didn`t get upset, or make an angry fist, for I knew It would return,
should it desire to exist !



Never sit down, to write a poem, just decide, that one will come !
and magically when you least expect it, you`ll suddenly find, you`ll have one !

Now you probably, don`t believe me, as you may, have been taught, it`s hard !
But just like love, poetry, can never be forced !
If it is, you`ll find, that you, and it,
are always, horribly divorced !


There`s nothing i know, that`s worse than ‘Writer’s Block !’
For as the words, get really heavy, crossed out pages, many made,
are bin aimed, and angrily or sadly thrown away !

The more you force it, the worse it gets ! Like stupidly, running faster and faster,
through a thick fog ! You`ll always, run into a tree, at some point, or down a ditch !
‘Writer’s Block’, is an Absolute Bitch !

Creativity, can only flow, when the mind, is relatively free !
So, go do a Yoga class ! chill out ! have Sex !
or do something,
that really, makes you happy !


When you reach the point, where you feel, your duty is ‘to serve’, art then, comes easily !
Any other reason, the pickings, are measly !


He knew, he should really sleep, but when the wordplay, was coming thick and fast,
he always took time, to write them down, for he never knew,
how long, the flood would last !


Poets keep going, until its good ! for Never did a poem, Ever, want to be bad !
Work hard, not to leave it,
Forlorn !
Unloved !
Unadmired !
Tearfully, irreversibly, sad !


Never, be too tired, to write one down, or say, you don`t care !

Because, whomever or whereever, the poems come from, will surely, go elsewhere !


An eager ear, is food for a Poet, for as soon as it`s written, they`re eager to know it !
So fill them with joyfulness, expand their horizons, make them feel whole !
they, to whom Poetry is life !

So that ‘Poets Universal’ thereafter, will never fear !
For always, Poetry to hear, will be that, eager ear !


A Poem’s power, is in its message, how a Poet, gets that across is the daily test !
How many words to use, in which order, knowing when message, finally arrived at !
When to, lay pen to rest !


Today, no Poems came, so i wrote this one, to stimulate the brain !
I could have had, a non- poem day,
but with words, i desired to play !


Don`t write them, for personal fame, write them to uplift another, or others, or merely for fun !
Then being, in tune with ‘Universal Aims, you`ll suddenly, receive a good one !


Sometimes ideas, come swiftly, ‘as if by magic !’,
like a neatly ironed shirt, needing hardly any work !
But to, those that are crinkly, time may be needed, ironing creases away !

But whatever, the time or work involved, always keenly endeavour !
To help the reader, understand, what you intended to say !


VIRGIN MINDS (Observation in an Older Style)

What joy, sits poems place, deep within universes of Men,
never resting, though times restraint, be bodily flesh, three score and Ten !

Even so, when next flesh taken, Poem unrepentant, it doth Exist !
for through war, and peaceable worldly events, it refused to be changed, seeking to enlighten fresh eyes, that might observe poem’s words anew ! Its aim ? their Soul’s, be deeply Kissed !

So they, now to poem’s power not estranged, uplifted, as those that came before,
shall pass along to another, and others, it`s power ! for evermore seeking, seekers of truth,
it`s message to read, they do Implore, again and Again !

To be reimagined, as to what it`s deepest meaning be,
in Virgin Minds, Then !


For more inspiring ‘Observations’ by Hieronymus Quimp, Please visit www.hieronymusquimp.art