A very warm welcome, to the world of Hieronymus Quimp !

On this site you`ll find over 500 Personally Experienced Observations, encompassing the various facets of life.

They have been placed into TEN BOOKS , with different titles, each containing 50 observations, for ease of content choice.
There is a choice of Ebooks - Flipbooks or Paperbacks.

What you`ll find is varied, from deep philosophical spiritual experiences, to lighthearted and playful observations !

The BLOGS will give you faster insight into the purpose of each book, and how it might help you achieve your personal goals.

I truly hope, you shall enjoy your visit, and i feel sure that, contained within the Blogs and various books you may choose,
you shall find something of lasting value !

These are not `Poems`, but 'Observations Within a Poetic Form' with which the author, is creating a new genre.

Each observation's purpose is different ; one might enlighten, one to remind, others to entertain.

What you receive from each, will be personal to you.