A very warm welcome, to the world of Hieronymus Quimp.

Above is just one, 'Personally Experienced Observation", from over 500, on differing subjects encompassing life.

They have been placed into TEN BOOKS , with different titles, each containing 50 observations, for ease of content choice.

What you`ll find is varied, from deep philosophical spiritual experiences, to lighthearted and playful observations.

I truly hope, you shall enjoy your visit, 
and i feel sure that, contained within the various books you may choose, you shall find something of lasting value.

These are not `Poems`, but 'Observations Within a Poetic Form' with which the author, is creating a new genre.

Each observation's purpose is different ; one might enlighten,  one to remind, others to entertain.

What you receive from each, will be personal to you.

The `Art of Winning and Losing` is only placed as the First Collection of Observations, as it was completed first.